6 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020
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6 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020

The world has come to a halt, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world severely. But it has also provided a great opportunity for those who want to learn. Next year is going to be a great year for the Job market and everyone should get ready for it. 

Here are six programming languages that you must learn to increase your employability factor.

1. Python for Web & AI/ML

Python is everyone's love nowadays. It is being used extensively for backend development as well as for AI/ ML coding. The programming language is considered the most well-rounded among all. Python's extensive library support makes it a perfect language to build great products.

2. HTML5/ CSS3 for Web Development

If you are looking at Web Development, HTML5/ CSS3 is still at the core of it and is a great way to start building beautiful websites. It is easy to learn and gives you results immediately. Of course, you need to remember a lot of tags and CSS properties but it will help you in the long run. Try building a portfolio website to show off your skills.

3. JavaScript for Web Development

The language is commonly used to build the front-end of web applications. JavaScript is commonly used in responsive web elements. Most websites have some or other JavaScript components. There are a number of JavaScript-based frameworks that make the development even easier. Frontend frameworks like React JS, Ember JS, Backbone JS are javascript based frontend frameworks. JavaScript is also being extensively used for backend development (NodeJS)

4. Kotlin for Android Development

Kotlin is the new cool kid in the block. it is used to develop Android Applications and requires fewer lines of code as compared to Java. THE great thing is that Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, so apps you’ve already built can be migrated to Kotlin incrementally. You don’t need to stop using Java—you can use both! Kotlin is also officially supported by Google for Android development.

5. Swift  for iOS App Development

Apple's general-purpose programming language is meant for iOS and Mac app development. Ever since Apple has announced it as an official programming language for Apple ecosystem, there is a great demand for developers with skills in Swift. Apple offers learning resources for developers to get started with Swift.

6. C++ for Networking & Device Drivers Development

C++is the oldest in the list but is still very important as when it comes to speed of execution, nothing still beats C/C++. This is the reason all networking applications and device drivers are still developed in C++. There is a huge demand for professionals with skills in C/C++ in companies like Intel, McAfee, CISCO, AKAMAi, Microsoft, Apple etc.