My Journey from a Tier 3 College to IIIT Hyderabad -Ayush Khasgiwala
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My Journey from a Tier 3 College to IIIT Hyderabad -Ayush Khasgiwala


I’m Ayush Khasgiwala, studying in an IIT had always been my dream ever since I took PCM in 11th, but life took a different turn and I ended up in a Tier 3 college (IET DAVV, INDORE). My college didn’t have a good coding culture nor outstanding placements. I was always keen to learn the state-of-the-art technology and wanted to pursue higher education for that purpose. 

For many students, it is a dilemma, choosing between CAT and Gate. However, for me, it was an easy choice. For me, the real dilemma was choosing between Gate and GRE. I knew that, the quality of life and education is better in USA, but that comes with high tuition and living expenses. I was afraid of the rapidly changing policies for education and work as well. So finally, again I was on my dream path of pursuing education from IISC, top IIT, and top IIIT.

In May 2018 I joined “Gate @ Zeal” which is one of the best coachings in central India, with the aim of cracking GATE 2020 and land up in my dream college. In my B.Tech. college, there was no coding culture but instead, there was a culture of conducting central India’s biggest cultural fest “AAKSHANK” and I was involved in organizing it since my first year. So at the start of my preparation for GATE it was very difficult for me to manage my studies along with organizing AAKSHANK, which took up majority of my time. My 3rd year went like that only. Then I realized it's high time, I should devote myself completely to Gate.

Gate preparation was not easy, as being an engineering student, laziness was in my blood in those 3 years. For cracking Gate I needed a lot of motivation and hard work. So I made a group with 3 of my friends and used to study day and night, solving each other’s doubts, and with the guidance of Jaishree Ma'am and Rajesh Sir at my coaching I started getting good marks in the test series. By the end of the year 2019, I was getting a score of 65+ out of 100. I was not satisfied with the score, but deep down I knew that I was going to get around 200 rank in GATE exam. But we don’t know what’s written in our destiny. 

Then the D-day came i.e 8 Feb 2020. I had a nervous breakdown at the time of paper which affected my performance. At the end of my paper, I knew that I had screwed my dream and ended up with 1690 and 51 marks. After that, I was depressed and full of negativity. The questions kept coming to me.... "Am I not good enough?", "Do I really deserve to be in IIT, IISC or IIIT?", "Where I went wrong in my preparation?", "Didn’t I work hard enough?"

I knew I had another chance, to live my dream through IIIT Hyderabad (as they conduct separate exam PGEE for admission) but with all that negativity, I couldn’t gather the courage to again start studying. 

My friends and family kept motivating me to study for PGEE exam, and to give at least a try.  But at that time I didn’t want to study anything related to Gate. So finally I decided to start doing competitive coding and go for off-campus placement. I was just getting out of that negative zone but at the same time we got hit with this pandemic and companies stopped their off-campus hiring. 

I knew that I had done a lot of hard work and I deserved the best institute for my further studies. I also knew that in Gate exam I was just 3-4 questions away from an IIT as 3-4 more correct questions would have made my score around 60 and I would have also got my dream college. Also, my friend used to tell me that " Ayush bhai load mat le ....teri life me kuch bada likha hai ...bas mehnat krte rahe" , this thing motivated me a lot and  I started to study for PGEE exam. 

And then boom, I cracked it and got admitted to, IIIT Hyderabad. One of the best colleges in India with the best curriculum, best infrastructure, best coding culture, best competitive minds, and best placement. 

So yes “Dreams do come true” and for that, one must never lose hope. One must never give up on their must never stop believing in themselves ....and one must never stop doing hard work. Always choose friends who motivate you and help you in bringing out the best in you. Just keep doing the hard work ....go with the flow and rest leave it to destiny.

This was my story. There are several questions which were asked to me and I would like to answer some of them-

1. Online or offline study? Which one is better 

I recommend offline one as we can directly approach to faculty. But if you cannot join offline coaching then you can join online one as nowadays with the help of technology online study has also become easy

2. Suggestions about which coaching 

I would not comment on any other coaching but in my opinion, Gate@ Zeal is one of the best coaching institutes for GATE preparation. Due to this COVID pandemic they have started online live classes from this year so, you can join this coaching from anywhere 

3. Materials, books and resources 

For me coaching notes were sufficient. I had solved 2 years modules along with the previous year Gate questions. Also Referred geeksforgeeks. And this is more than sufficient for scoring under 50 rank.

4. Test series

I would recommend you to go with Gate@zeal and RBR test series. Made easy test series is little tough and many questions are out of syllabus.

5. How much time is sufficient for Gate preparation

Start from today itself as it is the best time. But 1 year full time dedicated preparation is sufficient 

6. Important topics for Gate CS

ADA, discrete mathematics, computer networks, CSO, DBMS. Do focus on engineering mathematics and aptitude and it covers 30% of the Gate paper and it is one of the key to score under 100 rank.

7. Advice for Gate aspirants

Try to study in groups. This will help each other in having more clear concepts and help each other to grow. Don’t get demotivated from your less scores, just keep the notes of your mistakes and try not to commit it again. And trust me if I had done it then you can also definitely do it. Never stop doing hard work as hard work is the only key to success.

Written by :  

Ayush Khasgiwala

M.Tech , 2020-22

IIIT Hyderabad