Mobility & Energy for the Future i-Innovate Contest

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  • 31 Mar' 20 - 01 Mar' 21

  • Online

  • Free

Students of College/University


Science competitions


Life Solutions


INR 21 Lakhs Worth of Cash Prizes

Total Price

Single, Team of max size of 5

Team Size


  • Only the Team leader should submit an idea and then invite all the pre-registered team members to form the team.
  • Submitted ideas will be evaluated for selection of top 100
  • Submit a photograph of your prototype. This is required for completing the submission of your idea.
  • Submit Simulation PPT for showcasing the innovation and advantage of your system
  • Approved top 100 ideas will proceed to next round of prototype development (Phase 2)

  • The actual idea should be realized in the prototype which can be implemented on any of the following: Hardware, Software, Car, Bike, Bicycle
  • Submitted prototype videos will be evaluated for selection of top 30 projects.

Competition Details :

i-Innovate gives an opportunity to submit innovative and valid ideas related to India Specific problems in the area of “Mobility & Energy” . Here you can select your own problem statement, propose solutions and submit your innovation to this platform.

Theme - Mobility & Energy for the Future

Eligibility Criteria :

  • This innovation platform is for all students of undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD courses from Science, Engineering, Design and Management colleges and universities across India
  • Student can participate either as an individual (=1 member) or as a team (maximum team size: 5 members).
  • There is no restriction on team configuration; team members can be from same or different department(s), branches and colleges
  • Participants shall appoint a mentor to their project. Mentor can be college professor or outside from the college.

Competition Stages :

Idea Submission

Start Date: 2020-03-30T18:30:00Z

End Date: 2020-08-31T18:29:00Z

Phase 2

Start Date: 2020-07-30T18:30:00Z

End Date: 2020-12-31T18:29:00Z

Important Dates :

31 Aug 2020

Registration Deadline

01 Mar 2021, 12 AM

Result Date & Time

Other Information :

Rewards and Prizes

Platinum: Cash prize [Rs. INR 10 Lakhs]

Gold: Cash Prize [Rs. INR 5 Lakhs]

Silver (2 Prizes): Cash Prize [Rs. INR 2.5 Lakhs Each]

Most Popular: Cash Prize [Rs. INR 1 Lakh]

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