Automating with Jenkins Shared Libraries

  • Aug 13 05 PM

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Jenkins Shared library is a bundle of common code written in groovy that can be used by multiple Jenkins pipelines. It helps reduce maintenance effort as users write the code in a single central location in the SCM repo which is then referenced in all other pipelines.

Shared Libraries are treated the same way we develop applications. Users can version the code of the library, build a CI to analyze the code and perform all levels of testing before releasing it to the customers.

In this webinar, the expert will speak about developing shared libraries and how it helped reduce failure rate and cost.
Key points of discussion
  • Introduction to shared libraries
  • Importance of structuring the Shared library
  • Best practices in developing in shared libraries
Valerie Fernandes

Software Development Manager


Valerie is a professional with almost a decade of experience in the IT industry. She has played multiple roles in her career so far, from being a developer to now managing a team of developers.

Over the last year, she has been actively engaged in working on projects to build automation with a vision to streamline and ease the CI/CD process across Amdocs. The goal is to shift left by providing a simple mechanism that product teams in the company can use and detect failures early in the development process.

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13 Aug 20 | 05 PM

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