Azure Integration Services

  • Sep 30 03 PM

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Integration is one of the major components of Enterprise architecture. During integration, we have to consider various scenarios including security, performance, failover and more. Azure provides various such integration services. And, in this session, we will cover two of those API Management and Azure Service Bus. These two services are the most used services across integrations in the Azure world.
Key points of discussion
  • What is Integration Architecture?
  • Azure Integration Services
  • API Management: Overview and Usage
  • Azure Service Bus: Overview and Usage
  • API Management and Azure Service Bus – Architecture scenarios
Mahesh Rajappan

Manager – Senior Technology Cloud & Security Architect


Mahesh is an Accenture Certified Senior Technology Architect who has recently handled integration and security architecture areas in Azure and Cloud migrations. He has been with Accenture for 14 years and is experienced in various domain areas such as E-commerce, Capital Markets, Insurance, Healthcare and Telecommunications. He solutioned various types of integrations A2A, B2B, and B2C