Build Apps on Salesforce with Modern Javascript

  • May 13 05 PM

  • Online


Salesforce has embraced modern web standards, such as web components, over the past few years. This means you no longer need to learn a proprietary language or framework to build scalable enterprise apps.

Join this session to learn how you can leverage your existing HTML, JavaScript skills TODAY to start building apps, microservices, and serverless functions on the fastest growing enterprise cloud platform. The Salesforce economy is expected to create 4.2 million new jobs and $1.2 trillion of new business revenue by 2024 according to IDC.

Key points of discussion
  • Understand how the Salesforce platform allows you to innovate fast
  • Learn how to use Modern JavaScript and web standards to build on Salesforce
  • See insightful demos and code walkthroughs for an end-to-end use case
Aditya Naag Topalli

Lead Developer Advocate


Aditya Naag Topalli is a 13x Certified Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce. He empowers and inspires developers in and outside the Salesforce ecosystem through his videos, webinars, blog posts, open-source contributions and also frequently speaks at conferences and events all around the world. Prior to being an advocate, he wore many hats like Developer, Technical Lead, Pre-Sales Consultant and has been a part of numerous Salesforce implementations across various industries and verticals.


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13 May 21 | 05 PM

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13 May 21 | 06 PM

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