Optimization and AI Techniques by BVICAM, New Delhi

  • Nov 06 06 PM

  • Online

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About the Webinar

The Webinar on Optimization and AI Techniques is organised by BVICAM, New Delhi on Nov 6, 6:00 PM.

The webinar will discuss classical optimization techniques such as linear programming, dynamic programming, maximum Principle, nonlinear programming, gradient technique, quadratic programming and geometric programming and chance-constrained programming.

The webinar will further discuss Artificial Intelligence Techniques such as Expert System ANN, Fuzzy logic, Ant Colony method PSO and Genetic algorithms with applications to real-life systems.


Prof. D. P. Kothari
Visiting Fellow, R.M.I.T., Melbourne Australia
Former i/c Director, IIT Delhi & Former VC, VIT Vellore